Behavioral Health Clinicians

Transdiagnostic Behavioral Health Interventions

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As Behavioral Health Clinicians, you are constantly assessing situations with clients and using your clinical judgment to identify a therapeutic path. Here you can explore techniques and approaches that are evidence-based and effective across diagnoses, settings, and forms of care delivery. The information and examples are not intended as comprehensive training; rather as refreshers to core therapeutic techniques that can assist your process in the often fast-paced and ever-changing flow of behavioral health care.

Clinicians who are well-versed in these techniques can harness them, even in the face of shifting treatment settings and clinical demands, gauging what interventions are most timely and effective for differing circumstances. The range of therapeutic approaches allows for flexibility in co-creating treatment plans with clients, and we know the more that clients are involved in and owning their course of treatment, the better the chance of successful implementation.

Pre-Training Assessment

Prior to enrolling in and completing any of the BHC-focused training modules, you must first complete the pre-training assessment.

Learning Modules

Below are role-focused learning modules geared towards behavioral health clinicians or individuals serving in similar roles in a pediatric primary care setting.

Add total hours and that CEUs are available.

Post-Training Assessment

Once you have completed all of the training modules, you must complete the post-training assessment in order to receive CEUs.

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